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my private social Network links



scripts php I use sometimes to block some bots and
something I don't need incoming...
i hate cloud, colocation, data exchange, tor, vpn services etc...
bcs everywhere is someone behind, maybe log + look your data, make psychological profile, and some are sure fake, try to steal everything.

hosts - ips - bots - tlds - lang - tor

this are only examples, i have more, to be sure something are dead
//everything is open source
i can block any keywords look your dc, ex, idc, ix, logs :-)
i can not open everything, bcs bad people can use it.

//legally - I am responsible for nothing
//i never hacking and i will never do it

Gay Restaurant Ganymede
เกย์ แม่สอด ร้านอาหาร ประเทศไทย, လိင်တူချစ်သူ မဲဆောက်, Mae Sot Thailand
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